It’s Good to Be Back


Do I sometimes imagine myself as a vigilante to make sitting and writing in a room more exciting? Maybe. Shut up.

It’s good to be back again.

I apologize for my lack of visibility the past few months. You’ll notice right away that this looks very different from my last site, which was hosted through

That’s right, I didn’t include a link there. No, it wasn’t a mistake. Yes, I was displeased with their service and terminated my account.

Basically what happened was that all of my files one day mysteriously vanished (it was my own fault for not backing them up), and I was left with no working domain. Suffice to say I was not pleased about this, and after months of frustrating conversations with their tech support team I had had enough. I deleted my account and started over.

So here I am again, back at the old blogging business. I’m running my site through eHost (See? That’s what you get when your service works. You get a link!) now, and am pleased to report that so far the only problem was that last email everyone got with a broken link (which I only knew about because my sister was kind enough to let me know). It’s still a struggle, but I’ve managed to fix things so far.

That’s all for now, kids. I’ll leave you all with one final thought in case I haven’t beat the horse into a pulp yet.

It’s good to be back.